Ultimate Frisbee in Hoboken

Wednesday, August 02, 2017
6:30 PM
Pier A Park
100 Sinatra Drive

Let’s get together and play some Ultimate Frisbee. This is a beginner friendly game so whether you are experienced or never played before, you are welcomed to join. 

In a nutshell, ultimate frisbee is a no-contact game where only passing the frisbee is allowed. Players on one team pass the frisbee to players on the same team until someone catches the frisbee in the goal zone. Other team's job is to stop this from happening. If the frisbee falls to the ground, goes out of bound, or is intercepted, the other team gains possession and play continues. Or a more formal version of the rules: 




We'll meet by the flag poll at the entrance to the park then try to find a spot on the pier.

What to expect:
•Fun, friendly game of Frisbee (no contact means no hitting other players
• Quite possibly the most fun you'll ever have running
• A LOT of running

•Wait 15 min for people
•Warm up toss
•Game time!

Wear comfortable running/sweating attire.
Bring water. Lots of water.
As there will be lots of flying objects, by coming you acknowledge you are responsible for your own safety.

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